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Wow, so this was a sale journal to start.

Now I've come to decide to use this more often as an actual journal as I had intended a couple of years ago haha.

I don't have too much to say at the moment. There is one thing and that is...THIS JOURNAL NEEDS A MAKEOVER.

Anybody interested here you can go to myspace for now and check out my page there. I have like 40 something pics of me and all my interests are listed.
click my picture to visit :]

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I have pictures of these so if you want to see pics email me or leve a comment here

Everything is for make an offer.

Nyanko Necklace
Sailor Moon Group Backpack
Gundam Wing: Wing Gundam Backpack
Gundam Wing: Gundam Wing Boys Backpack
Heero Yuy Backpack.
Gundam Wing Mousepad *boys group*

Video Games
Spce Channel 5 *Dreamcast*
Dead or Alive 2 *Dreamcast*

Cosplay Outfits, Props & Accessories
Dollfie Commissions
Anime, Jrock, Jpop,  Original Themed Jewelry and hats
Sketches, Sticker Commissions

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All the clothing can be made with other styles/colors of fabric if requested.
We can either provide what we have or you can send us fbric to use to make your stuff.

at the moment we're making things for MSD but are open to other doll sizes as long s mesurements are given to us. (even human sizes XD)

You can aslo request cosplay costumes to be made.
heres some dollfie samples:

contact: radixcore@yahoo.com

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Video Games

Make an offer!

1: Jet Force Gemini
2: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
3: Yoshi's Story
4: Street Fighter 2
5: RPG Maker
6: Kirby's Adventure
7: Killer Instinct
8: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX
9: Diddy Kong Racing
10: fun n games
11: The Little Mermaid